Work Experience

Global Virtual Work Experience Programme

Global Virtual Work Experience Programme

Why Work Experience?

Whether you’re completely set on your chosen career path or want to find out whether it’s the right one for you, work experience helps you gain valuable insight into this path by exposing you to some of the tasks and responsibilities you would face in the role, and start developing the skills to help make you successful. It can make the decision that will impact your future, much easier. 

At A&O Shearman, we recognise legal work can be difficult to obtain at times. Which is why we’ve partnered with Forage to design a globally accessible virtual work experience. The self-paced, modular experience will provide you with an important understanding of the day-to-day tasks a commercial lawyer at A&O Shearman will face. This is the best place for you to learn about our industry, while learning a bit about yourself and your career goals too.

*We also offer an alternative virtual work experience for school and college leavers based on Employment Law.


Our technology and M&A transaction virtual work experience is aimed at undergraduates, post-graduates and beyond*.  

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Technology and M&A Law

Employment Law

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About the Programme

At A&O Shearman, we work with some of the biggest clients on complex business problems. By completing our virtual work experience, you’ll get to see what it’s really like on the inside of a transformational global law firm. 

Our Technology and M&A law virtual work experience has been designed to provide you with a variety of real tasks, designed by our lawyers based on their experiences. Take your time to work through four tasks based on real life scenarios to really help you understand what the day-to-day work of a commercial lawyer entails, the skills needed, and most importantly, how you can practice and excel at these skills. 

Workplace skills

Gain practical skills and experience to better prepare you for the world of work. Programmes are self-paced so you can learn on your own time. You will get the opportunity to see what legal reasoning looks like on a practical level, practice interpreting contracts, working with clients, demonstrate lateral thinking and apply legal principles.

Based on real life

Our technology and M&A virtual experience is based on real-life scenarios, and we’ve carefully designed the tasks to give you an insight into the life cycle of an exciting technology and M&A transaction with a fictious client. 

What you'll gain

Completing this work experience will allow you to up-skill and stand out on your application form as well as in the assessment process. You’ll be able to demonstrate a real understanding of what it takes to be a commercial lawyer, the skills required and gain industry insights. 

Then & Now

Our A&O Shearman Lawyers all started from somewhere. From all kinds of backgrounds. Through every stage of their life, from personal to professional and the challenges along the way, our lawyers look back on the journeys that got them where they are today. 

These videos, originally produced under the A&O legacy, authentically showcase the experiences and opportunities synonymous with A&O Shearman.